Petite Workwear Tips (for when nothing seems to fit)

Petite Workwear Tips (for when nothing seems to fit)

‘Have you tried the petite section in Dorothy Perkins?’

One common struggle that short women face when shopping for clothes is finding nice work outfits that fit properly. Even if you don’t work in an office, there will always be the odd occasion that calls for a pair of plain black trousers and yet a simple piece like this can still be an impossible find. While high street brands like Dorothy Perkins can be helpful in a pinch, the items we end up buying are often out of necessity rather than personal choice. But every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident, especially at work.

If you're a short woman looking to maximise your work wardrobe, here are our three best tips:

Stick to a color palette

While many offices expect employees to wear muted, corporate colours, this doesn't have to mean sticking to just black and grey. Even in more formal offices, neutral colours like brown, cream, and even pink can be professional. Choosing a few colours you feel comfortable in and being intentional with the colours you choose for your work wardrobe is the formula for always having something to wear.

Ditch the tailoring, embrace stretch

Tailored pieces can be elusive for petite women, with issues like gaping armholes, waistlines that fall too low, and blazers that make you look like you stepped out of an 80s TV show. Opting for clothes with a bit of stretch can make a piece look fitted without the need for tailoring. For example, a black high-neck top is an evergreen staple piece (you can avoid the Steve Jobs look by pairing with a classic pencil skirt or wide leg trousers).

Invest in a few elevated basics

Elevated basics can do the heavy lifting in your workwear wardrobe, but finding good quality petite clothes can be a challenge. Consider investing in a few better pieces that will stand the test of time. Over the years, I've found a few failsafe pieces that have been a great option on days when I have a lot of clothes and nothing to wear. If you can't find a pair of classic trousers, try adding a good belt to elevate your outfit.

So next time you're struggling to find something to wear to work, remember that there are always options, even for petite women. And apologies to all the DP stans out there, but it's just not our thing...

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