The September Issue: Why are we so obsessed with fall fashion?

The September Issue: Why are we so obsessed with fall fashion?

What is it about September that feels like a new year? Is it the changing colours of the trees, the freshness in the air, and the cooler temperature which conjures the feeling of a fresh start? Perhaps that 'back to school' feeling runs deep even after we have left school... It's true that for many of us, Autumn signals a change of pace, and the fashion world, is no different.

With the kick off of global Fashion Weeks and the publication of Vogue's iconic 'September Issue', this time of year begins the big reset of the annual trend cycle. As designers eagerly unveil their collections which will set the tone for the next 6 months.

But why is it that Fall style is so much more appealing than Summer (both on an off the runway)?

The answer is layered (pun partially intended) so let’s delve into why Fall fashion remains on top.

1. Colours

There is something so aesthetically pleasing in how Autumn/Winter colour pallets mirror the natural hues of fall. From warm earthy tones of the trees, to the navy and grey of winter skies, and even the cream colours of a flat white on a cold morning. Neutral pieces have staying power, meaning they can be brought out of your wardrobe, to create new outfits every year.

2. Versatility

The shorter days and the colder nights provide the perfect excuse to pull out the accessories. The simple fact is, that more layers = more outfit combinations and opportunities to express your personal style. Details such as gloves and scarves add depth and dimension. And if all else fails, a classic coat or statement bag can do the heavy lifting to instantly elevate the most simple of outfits.

3. Sweater weather

Following a season of strappy Summer dresses and sandals that dig in at the ankle, the urge to cocoon oneself in wool and cashmere, the SECOND the temperature drops, is irresistible. In recent years, oversized jumpers and cardigans have become back in trend, providing even more comfort as cooler weather approaches. As much as we romanticise crisp mornings, and rainy days, the best part of the season, is wrapping up warm, drinking hot beverages and layering up.

4. Boots.

There needs to be a study into the impact that a pair of knee high leather boots can have on ones self confidence. Whatever your age or personal style, a classic pair of winter boots are a staple in any wardrobe - serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. A good pair is like having a best friend that you only see a few times a year, but is always there for you when you need them most.

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