5 Petite Fashion Staples (and why they work)

5 Petite Fashion Staples (and why they work)

If you had a Pinterest board in 2018 titled ✨style inspo✨ this post is for you.

Since the dawn of fashion influencing, there has been one type of content that has consistently stood the test of time, transcending all fashion styles, and that is the concept of the 'capsule wardrobe'. It’s easy to see the appeal: by investing in timeless, versatile pieces you never again need worry about having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

Through much trial and error (honestly, mostly error), I have carefully curated my own capsule wardrobe. So I wanted to share the 5 items I feel every petite woman should own (and most importantly, why they work).


1. The perfectly oversized shirt

Comfortable and versatile, the oversized shirt suits all body types. By opening the top few buttons you can create a v-neck which, in turn, creates a vertical line in your silhouette. Roll up the sleeves and you have the perfect balance between feeling comfortable and looking 'put together'. Wearing something too big will swamp small frames but finding a shirt with just the right length for a 'French tuck' (around the start of your jeans zip) will look effortlessly chic.

2. Nude pumps

Often misinterpreted as 'pointy beige stilettos', nude pumps can be any style or heel height but should be as close of a match to your skin tone as possible. While nude pumps can create harmony in a colourful or textured outfit, by blending in with your skin tone, they elongate the legs giving an illusion of a few extra inches.

3. Little Black Dress

This wouldn't be a capsule wardrobe post without a mentioning the LBD. If an unclear dress code gives you anxiety, a little black dress is a fail-safe that can be dressed up or down for different occasions. All black can be overwhelming on smaller frames so a shorter hemline, or a slit in longer dresses, helps to balance your proportions.

4. Classic mid-rise or high-rise Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a challenge for seemly everyone (can we start an investigation into why they all gape at the back?!) but there is a reason why jeans have never fallen out of style… Choose a pair in a classic cut and you will always have the basis for an outfit (if you have strong feelings towards the skinny jean, the straight leg 90’s style is evergreen!).

When it comes to jeans and trousers, petite women are often advised to go for a high-rise style which gives the impression of longer legs, but if you have a short torso, a mid rise will better complement your proportions. 

5. Longline coat

Whether we’re talking about a wool winter coat or a transitional trench, investing in a classic coat will always be a good bet, but for short women, finding the perfect length can be tricky. While it might sound counter intuitive to go longer, knee length coats will throw off your proportions, and making your legs look shorter. Where as, a fitted coat that stops on the mid-calf draws the eye vertically and continues the natural line of your silhouette.

P.s. we know that a good petite coat is hard to come by, so when you find one, make sure to take it on an annual vacation to the dry cleaners at the beginning of summer to keep it in the best condition - you can thank us in October x x

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