5 Petite Fashion Staples (and why they work)

5 Petite Fashion Staples (and why they work)

If your Pinterest board circa 2018 was filled with ✨style inspo✨, then this guide is tailor-made for you.

In the realm of fashion influencing, one concept has remained a timeless staple: the 'capsule wardrobe'. This curated collection of versatile, enduring pieces alleviates the perennial struggle of a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

After much experimentation (let's be real, mostly trial and error), I've honed my own capsule wardrobe. Here are the 5 essential pieces I believe every petite woman should have in her arsenal, along with why they're indispensable:

  1. The Perfectly Oversized Shirt: Comfortable yet chic, the oversized shirt is a universal favorite. Unbuttoning the top few buttons creates a flattering V-neck, elongating your silhouette. Rolled-up sleeves strike a balance between casual and polished. Opt for a shirt with just the right length for a 'French tuck'—around the start of your jeans zipper—for effortless chicness.

  2. Nude Pumps: Often misconstrued as 'pointy beige stilettos', nude pumps come in various styles and heel heights. The key is to match them as closely to your skin tone as possible. These pumps not only harmonize with colorful or textured outfits but also create the illusion of longer legs, adding a few extra inches to your frame.

  3. Little Black Dress (LBD): No capsule wardrobe is complete without the timeless LBD. Perfect for ambiguous dress codes, it effortlessly transitions from day to night. To avoid overwhelming smaller frames, opt for a shorter hemline or a slit in longer dresses to balance proportions.

  4. Classic Mid-Rise or High-Rise Jeans: The quest for the perfect pair of jeans is a universal struggle (seriously, why do they all gap at the back?). However, classic jeans never go out of style. Whether you prefer skinny or straight-leg, choose a cut that flatters your figure. Petite women often opt for high-rise styles for elongated legs, but those with shorter torsos may find mid-rise more flattering.

  5. Longline Coat: A staple for all seasons, investing in a timeless coat is essential. However, for petite women, finding the right length is crucial. While knee-length coats can throw off proportions, a fitted coat stopping at mid-calf length creates vertical lines, enhancing your silhouette.

P.S. We understand the struggle of finding a good petite coat. When you finally snag one, treat it to an annual trip to the dry cleaners at the onset of summer to keep it in pristine condition. You'll thank us come October! 🍂

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