A Petite Girl's Guide To Personal Style

A Petite Girl's Guide To Personal Style

If you have ever wondered how fashion trends start, there is arguably, no better summary than Meryl Streep’s iconic Cerulean Sweater Monologue from the cult fashion film “The Devil Wears Prada”.

First emerging on the catwalks of fashion week, trends trickle down to the high street collections over the course of the season. But with the ever-accelerating trend cycle giving rise to the micro-trend, keeping up with the latest fashion can be exhausting, unsustainable and expensive…

So it’s no wonder that more and more women are purging their wardrobes of fast fashion and are, instead, choosing to curate their own aesthetic by investing in items that they love and also make them feel confident.

But for women who struggle to find any clothing that fits them (let alone something they really like) curating a personal style can seem like an impossible challenge.

Have you ever seen a beautiful dress only to realise that it doesn’t come in a petite size? Or bought a stunning (if outrageously expensive) jacket that never saw the outside of your wardrobe because you didn’t have anything to style it with?

If this resonates, here are three tried and tested ways that petite women can create their wardrobe of dreams:

  1. Invest in high quality basics Simple yet timeless pieces that can be styled for many outfits and occasions are the backbone of any wardrobe. Though it might sound counter-intuitive, the beauty of basics lies in their versatility, meaning they make a great foundation for experimenting with other styles and aesthetics.

  2. Play with accessories Accessories are a great way to express your personality through your outfit. The best part is that items like bags, jewellery and shoes are some of the easiest items to thrift, whether your budget allows for Vinted or Vestiaire Collective...

  3. Make friends with your local tailor Most local, independent, tailors are incredibly skilled at making alterations and often know ways that a garment can be altered that you had never even thought of. If you love an item, but it doesn’t fit you perfectly, you can always bring it to them before committing - most independent tailors are more than happy to discuss things with you!

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