The only style tip you need to know

The only style tip you need to know

Quick question do you know your Kibbe body type? No? Ok, how about your colour season, are you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? When it comes to styling, we often hear advice given specific to gender, age, body type…

But we believe that the best advice is the simplest, and if there is one universal style tip that we live by, it’s this…

Small details, make a big difference.

After years of wearing whatever is fashionable at the time, we have come to realise that small improvements to fit and quality can have the biggest impact on our overall look. Hemming a dress by an inch or two can completely change the balance of proportions, a slightly thicker cotton on a t-shirt can make it look premium.

It’s rarely what someone is wearing that makes them look good but how they wear it. Sometimes the best dressed people are the ones wearing jeans and a t-shirt, simply because they chose comfortable and well-fitting clothes.

It took over a year to perfect, our first item, the Super Mini. Hours were spent pouring over the details, to create a dress that fits extra petite women perfectly.

After all, as Huebert Givenchy once said, ‘luxury is in every detail’ and what is more luxurious than wearing clothes that are designed for your body...

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