Our story

Photo of founder, Fable Petite


My name is Fae and I am the founder of Fable Petite, a premium clothing line for extra petite women.

Being 4’9, I personally feel the struggle of finding quality clothing that fits. As a teenager, I watched my friends try on clothes that fit them perfectly, while I always had to roll the cuffs of my jackets and hem my jeans.

Having to shop in the kids section, even as a young woman, affected my confidence. And seeing the lack of petite clothing options available to me, it was hard not to feel like an after thought.

Tired of hearing the fashion industry’s excuses for their lack of inclusivity, ‘there’s no demand’, ‘it’s too niche’, in 2022, I launched a survey for women to share their thoughts on a new petite clothing line. Little did I know that I would receive over 750 responses which ultimately shaped Fable Petite into the brand that it is today.

We believe that everyone deserves the experience of buying high quality clothes, that fit them perfectly.

And whilst we are starting out launching an extra petite range, for women 5'0 and under, it is our mission is to become a fully inclusive brand, catering to petite and extra petite women of all sizes.

It has been truly inspiring to have so many of you join us on this journey… and I wanted to say thank you.

Fable Petite could not have been possible without the support of this amazing community, for which I am incredibly grateful to be a part of 🫶🏻

Fae x x

P.s. You can learn more about our story here.